Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Industry Top Issues: Market Access

  • High export certification costs
  • Non-tariff barriers to trade worth an estimated $3.4bn to the Australian red meat industry
  • Reduced leverage as a premium provider due to our competitors’ ability to offer lower prices
  • Lack of industry unity on strategic market access issues.
Managing Risk across the Red Meat Supply Chain - Stage 1
Apr 8, 2020
Financial markets are volatile, and this volatility impacts the profitability, sustainability and competitive standing of all companies and industries. This Project provides a practical guide ...
Contemporary chemical lean validation – National Standard for measurement
Apr 10, 2019
Chemical Lean (CL) is defined as the amount of lean red meat compared to the amount of fat in a meat sample. Its determination by an approved method is a mandatory AUS-MEAT requirement for any expor...
An on-line system to assess beef quality characteristics
Apr 5, 2019
This project evaluated the TenderSpec TM  beef classification system for tenderness and marbling. The objectives were to evaluate this U.S. system against Australian cattle to identify tender c...
Analysis of State-based processing costs
Mar 27, 2019
The objectives of the project were to provide state based red meat (beef) processing costs for NSW and Queensland to support a more detailed understanding of the cost pressures facing red meat proce...
Cost to Operate and Processing Cost Competitiveness
Mar 20, 2019
  This omnibus report combines both the “Cost to Operate” report, released publicly in November 2018, and its companion piece “Processing Cost Competitiveness” &ndash...
Process Monitoring for the Australian Meat Industry - A Comparative Industry Trial
Feb 20, 2019
This project was a recommendation from a previous AMPC project (2017-1068), which analysed the monitoring procedures in Australia's meat export establishments. The broad objectives of the ...
Can on-site beef dark cutting evaluation (monitoring) be improved and value-added?
Nov 8, 2018
This project explored glycolytic and sensory quality parameter variation within carcasses graded as dark cutting and compared these to normal carcasses. Dark cutting is problematic and in an effo...
Analysis of Regulatory and Related Costs in Red Meat Processing
Oct 29, 2018
This project identifies and quantifies the costs that face the red meat processing industry in Australia and compares them with key international competitors the United States, Brazil and Argentina....
Sensing for Offal Grading and Enablement of Automation
Oct 19, 2018
Since offal inspection requires both internal (excision and/or palpitation) and external (visual) activities, an automated offal inspection station must offer both internal and external inspection m...
Microbiological food safety and storage life of Australian red meat
Oct 3, 2018
For many years, there has been anecdotal evidence through the international meat trade that Australian meat products excel in food safety and shelf life. This project tracks the historical develo...
Impact of extended shelf-life of chilled beef into overseas markets
Feb 2, 2018
Australia is a major exporter of vacuum packaged chilled beef (VPCB) to many overseas markets, and China is an increasingly important export destination for Australian VPCB, with enormous potential ...
Identifying storage thresholds in frozen and chilled red meats
Dec 13, 2017
Red meat (lamb and beef) are important global commodities and as such, industry must deliver safe and quality product to often distant end-users – to do otherwise would incur substantial marke...
Indonesia and halal certification
Dec 1, 2017
The Halal Law mandates compulsory halal certification across consumable products, including food and beverages, medicines, cosmetics, chemicals and biological products and includes the manufacturing...
A Feast of Ideas (Chinese Version)
Apr 4, 2017
A Feast of Ideas is an attempt to put issues of sustainability in the red meat industry on the table, and start a conversation with you, and all participants in the industry's supply chain.  ...
Dec 6, 2016
Watch this webinar with guest speaker Dr Leisha Hewitt on how are retailers overseas impacting on processors and producers through QA requirements.
Wearable Technology for the Red Meat Processing Industry
Jun 20, 2016
This report documents the results of an investigation to determine if red meat processing facilities would benefit from the use of wearable technologies. Wearable technologies offer the abil...
Impact of Transport to Australia's Distant Markets, with Special Reference to the Chinese Market
May 22, 2016
Australia exports vacuum packed (VP) meat cuts to more than 100 countries, relying on the cold chain during the air or sea voyage to get product to market. The present project followed 200 consignme...
National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Red Meat Processing Industry Guidelines
Nov 8, 2012
The purpose of these Red Meat Procesing Industry Guidelines is to provide an industry-wide approach towards greenhouse and energy inventory calculations that is consistent with the principles of the...
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