Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Boning room concept design for micro size processing plants – stage 1

This project has developed a suitable boning room concept design for small micro size processing plants. This project was completed specifically for Jimbour Beef and Bacon (JBB) and has applications for other micro-sized meat processing plants.

A concept design of the proposed facility was developed, and the feasibility of suitable innovative technologies was assessed. Technologies identified as feasible for incorporation into the design, were the use of Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. This is due to their relatively low capital cost and operating overhead of off-site monitoring and control facilitated by cloud-based platforms and software.

Two specific applications of IoT technologies have been assessed and it is recommended that both are further explored for suitability in a Micro or Small throughput Boning Room (MSBR) operating environment.

The two applications, IoT Chiller Temperature Monitoring, and Iot Chiller Automation will provide effective increases in efficiency and decreases in overall operating cost for JBB, and they could be a simple and effective solution across a wide number of abattoirs and boning rooms across the Australian meat industry. 

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