Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Industry Top Issues: Packaging

  • Certification costs including food safety and labelling requirements
  • Community expectations of environmentally sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable materials
  • High cost of adhering to differing requirements for export markets • Lack of understanding of consumer needs and preferences at the processing level
Meat Packaging Solutions to Current Industry Challenges
Jul 13, 2018
Much advancement has occurred in the field of smart meat packaging, and there is great potential for these to be used as tools that respond to challenges faced by the red meat industry. This proj...
Impact of extended shelf-life of chilled beef into overseas markets
Feb 2, 2018
Australia is a major exporter of vacuum packaged chilled beef (VPCB) to many overseas markets, and China is an increasingly important export destination for Australian VPCB, with enormous potential ...
Identifying storage thresholds in frozen and chilled red meats
Dec 13, 2017
Red meat (lamb and beef) are important global commodities and as such, industry must deliver safe and quality product to often distant end-users – to do otherwise would incur substantial marke...
Greening of vacuum-packaged lamb – causative factors
Jan 24, 2014
Australian vacuum-packaged lamb has at times been rejected for greening of packs after storage times as short as 6 weeks. Greening of beef was in the past associated with high-pH meat, so a multi-pr...
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