Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation


The Core Program represents AMPC's primary RD&E program, focused on addressing key issues facing the processors in terms of productivity, profitability, sustainability, integrity and capability. The Core Program is divided into five distinct program streams:

Core Program 1 – Processing Technologies
Improving process efficiency, reducing production cost and facilitating improved value capture.

Core Program 2 – Environment and Sustainability
Products and services that improve industry sustainability – environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Core Program 3 – Processing Hygiene, Quality and Meat Science
Enabling high standards of food safety, product integrity and eating quality.

Core Program 4 – Capability, Extension and Education
Training, education, R&D and communication to engage stakeholders.

Core Program 5 – Industry Improvement and Economic Analysis.
Evaluating the economic impact of AMPC investments and mechanisms to improve industry performance.

Program Evaluation

AMPC have prepared an Evaluation Framework to provide guidelines for the evaluation of programs and projects relating to AMPC funded investments.

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