Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Energy and Water Benchmarking Tool

Profit margins have tightened and energy costs have risen in the energy-intensive red meat processing industry. Plant owners rarely have suitable energy and water benchmarks to compare themselves to peers, and they find identifying feasible opportunities for them to improve performance in these areas is not always straightforward, despite a wealth of academic literature.

This project addressed this by building an offline Excel tool available to all AMPC members, designed for easy accessibility and use to all plant sizes of the membership base. The tool aims to allow plant owners to benchmark their energy and water performance, compare it to an industry standard plant and review energy and water saving opportunities appropriate to the plant’s arrangement and performance.

Watch the Introduction Video:

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Download the Benchmarking Tool here

Download the Full report as an Adobe Pdf file

Download the Snapshot report as an Adobe Pdf file

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