Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Industry Top Issues: Regulatory Burden

  • High cost of regulatory compliance: export certification, hygiene, quality and food safety inspection, workplace health and safety, industrial relations, environmental, and building compliance costs
  • Duplication in regulatory compliance.
National Livestock Animal Welfare RD&E: Capability and gaps analysis
May 10, 2019
The purpose of this application is to undertake a detailed analysis of current and future Livestock Animal Welfare RD&E capability and infrastructure, identify current and emerging gaps, and dev...
Analysis of State-based processing costs
Mar 27, 2019
The objectives of the project were to provide state based red meat (beef) processing costs for NSW and Queensland to support a more detailed understanding of the cost pressures facing red meat proce...
Cost to Operate and Processing Cost Competitiveness
Mar 20, 2019
  This omnibus report combines both the “Cost to Operate” report, released publicly in November 2018, and its companion piece “Processing Cost Competitiveness” &ndash...
Process Monitoring for the Australian Meat Industry - A Comparative Industry Trial
Feb 20, 2019
This project was a recommendation from a previous AMPC project (2017-1068), which analysed the monitoring procedures in Australia's meat export establishments. The broad objectives of the ...
Making the Meat Industry a Safer Place for Workers
Dec 14, 2018
The significant focus on safety in the past 30 years led to a current phase in safety where only incremental reduction is possible through current safety strategies. As a result, significant reducti...
Analysis of Regulatory and Related Costs in Red Meat Processing
Oct 29, 2018
This project identifies and quantifies the costs that face the red meat processing industry in Australia and compares them with key international competitors the United States, Brazil and Argentina....
Identifying Strategies for Regulator Awareness
Mar 14, 2018
This project aims to build regulatory awareness of the Australian red meat processing industry’s practices and systems (including in the area of food safety and meat quality). This increase...
DAWR Red Meat Industry Awareness Tour
Jan 9, 2018
In an effort to avert the growing disconnect between departmental officers and the red meat industry, Food and Veterinary Services Pty Ltd presented two industry awareness tours, funded by...
Professional Development Training Webinars for QA Managers
Dec 18, 2017
This project was for the development and delivery of six professional development training webinars for Quality Assurance staff on ‘hot’ industry topics (such as animal welfare, meat sci...
A Feast of Ideas (Chinese Version)
Apr 4, 2017
A Feast of Ideas is an attempt to put issues of sustainability in the red meat industry on the table, and start a conversation with you, and all participants in the industry's supply chain.  ...
Examining and Quantifying the Range of Issues Associated with Increased Casual Labour Use in the Red Meat Processing Industry
Feb 3, 2015
The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) sought to identify the key issues associated with the employment of casual staff in the red meat processing industry and identify the true costs and ...
Industry Environmental Sustainability Review 2010
Jun 12, 2011
The five-year period since the 2003 Environmental Performance Review (EPR), was one of the major impacts on the red meat processing (RMP) sector. Major influences and drivers impacting the sector in...
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