Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Meat Industry Essentials

This series of short films has been developed to help support training in the red meat processing sector. The films can be used as part of induction training or as a refresher for people already working in the sector.

The films cover ten topics:

  1. animal welfare
  2. careers in the red meat processing sector
  3. cleaning and sanitising
  4. food safety and quality
  5. good hygiene
  6. working with knives
  7. manual handling
  8. workplace behaviour
  9. workplace documents
  10. workplace health and safety 

Each film topic covers the basic information people working in the meat industry need to know.

The films have also been translated into the following languages - Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. Translated videos can be found under the English language version.

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